AI: Episode 50 – The One Where Sam and Diane Kiss

It all started at that bar.

A group of strangers came together from faraway lands, hoping for a fresh start, answers to questions, and a getaway from past mistakes.

They banned together to build something great and in turn what they found lying just beneath the surface was something much greater than they could’ve ever dreamed.

They found hope; hope that they could become more than what the world expected them to be.

They found family, with each person making up a collective team that was unstoppable.

They found that Norm, despite his constant put downs, really does care for his wife.

And who could forget Woody, sweet naïve Woody.

Yes, the gang over at Cheers really became something special.

Meanwhile, over on Adventurific, this group of jackasses just opened up a can of worms so big that there’s no way anything will ever be the same again!

Join us on the season finale of Adventurific as the Company continues to go toe to toe with the Aegis Initiative in order to save Jayla from a corrupt official they once trusted! It’s not going to be easy, so good thing no one is just winging it!

So grab the largest can of wasp repellent you got on you and remember not to give away too much information because on the Season Finale of Adventurific, we’re giving it all we got and we aren’t going down without a fight!

AI: Episode 49 – What Does the Fox Say?

Can you feel the tension?

There are SO many things that could go wrong right now, that at any moment, everything could fall apart and the gig is up…

And just like that, Skip is dead.

I mean, someone might mourn him, but let’s be real, the loss of Jayla would probably hit WAY harder.

Join us this week on Adventurific as the Company continues to walk the razor’s edge as their plan to break Jayla out of a prisoner caravan on its way to Waterdeep trudges on with Skip becoming a social outcast, Quint making big moves, and Tally going all out with those dope druid abilities!

I know that is really vague, but if I spoiled it here, you’d REALLY be missing out!

So, grab some alone time and stay low in the grass because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, everyone has a plan until the arctic fox shows up!