Halloween 2020: The Tale of Sunset Valley Part I

The blood moon has risen, and the creatures of the night are out stalking the living, so why not treat your soul to the most hair raising, most evil, most spine chilling adventure this side of the Bermuda Triangle: The 2020 Adventurific Halloween Special! Join us this year as our local loudmouth, Josh, takes the reigns and leads our intrepid monster hunters through one of the most twisted campaigns ever deceived by man! Follow along as the team ventures into the long-abandoned amusement park known only as Sunset Valley hoping to discover the mysteries that lie within! As simple and fun as that sounds, be warned dear listener, the horrors that haunt this place may have been better off left undisturbed! Will they be able to fight the evils back that thirst for human flesh and escape, or will their souls be forever trapped within these hallowed grounds? There is only one way to find out, and unfortunately for you, it’s the SCARIEST way we got!

So grab your VIP wristband and make sure you bring enough tokens because on this year’s Adventurific Halloween Special, whoever came up with the idea that this is “The Happiest Place on Earth” deserves to be locked in here with us!

AI: Episode 45 – This Is Fine

Back from their harrowing adventure on the high seas, our heroes are falling back into their regular, boring routine. Nothing strange, no mental breakdowns, and certainly no shattering of trusted friendships.

Great. Well…I guess we can all just relax, light up some flobweed, and make some small talk for 30 minutes. So, grab a cup of your best Halfling wine and don’t forget to bring your new shield, because on this week’s Adventurific, we’re advancing the plot!


Recorded 10/16/20 at 12:18 a.m.
Danielle reading the episode recap after we lost Episode 44: The Letter, The Lover and the Tortle That Cared Too Much
Please edit out the back half of this recording, HE got into the booth and I do not want to hear his voice right now.

AI: Episode 43 – Glovey Boots 2: Booty Gloves

Ever had one of those vacations where it was such an unmitigated disaster that the journey home feels like it takes a million years, and you’d sacrifice every one of your friends’ souls to an unholy demigod just to sleep in your own bed again? Yeah, its about time we head back to Fireshear…

Join us this week on a brand new episode of Adventurific as the intrepid Company hauls anchor and leaves that ramshackle death box known as Shark…Darkrim… is it Carpkin Scoop? Whatever, we pack up and leave that shit hole in the dust.

Not to worry, dear listener. There’s plenty waiting for us back in Fireshear, such as a bar that needs checking in on, Quint and Trundle need to do some shopping slash arguing with an old man, and Skip’s got a package waiting for him! Don’t worry, Tally also has stuff going on, like maybe a little bit of backstory…perhaps? How’s that for a hook?

So grab your Booty and find its matching Glove, because on this week’s Adventurific, you’re going to learn some real mind blowing stuff about trees and if you’ve ever peed on one, you’re not going to like it!

AI: Episode 42 – Quint Measuring Contest

Alright, I was instructed by Legal that I need to apologize for my comments in last week description.

Giraffes are not “God’s Mistakes” or “poorly constructed horses”; they are quality animals.

Not like Beavers, those over achieving water squirrels. Get a dental plan, you flat tailed chainsaws!

What was I talking about?

Oh, yeah, this week’s episode of Adventurific.

This week, the Company makes tracks to the local watering hole to see a man about a tattoo, Quint gets into it with a rival captain (for obvious reasons), and when the security of the ship is compromised Skip gets all “Maximum Effort” for whatever reason!

I have no idea why, but does anyone here really understand why Skip does anything he does?

I didn’t think so.

So belly up to the bar and remember not to wake the tortle because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, it would be REALLY helpful if you stopped stabbing the Changling!