AI: Episode 37 – Little Shakin’, Little Tenderizin

We’ve all had job’s we’ve hated, mostly because they involve taking orders from people who think they are bigger than they really are. They’ll push you around, they’ll try to belittle you, and they will most certainly always blame you when something goes wrong, but no matter how frustrating that can be, just remember one thing. There’s always a bigger threat waiting to swallow you whole, and it’s probably closer than you think.

Dial back the ominous foreshadowing because it’s time for a brand new Adventurific! Come along this week as the Company investigates a mysterious smoke plume on the horizon, Skip gets a little too excited and prematurely pops off, and Tally flies higher than she’s ever flown before!

Boy howdy, I wish I could adequately tease what happens on today’s episode but there’s just no way I could properly capture the intensity! So put on your swimsuit and remember to wear a cup because on this week’s Adventurific, something lurks beneath the safety of the Soggy Clam and it has no time for insubordination!

AI: Episode 36 – Like the Hindenburg, but With More Wet

So you’ve chosen to flee. You decided that’s what’s best for your well being and the betterment of those around you, is that you are simply not around.

Make a break for it, so to speak. Sure you can run, but there’s only so far you can get. Trouble may just be able to find you anywhere.

Anchors up and all aboard on this week’s Adventurific as the Company wraps up their business in Waterdeep and set sail back into that deep blue sea! Tune in as Quint attempts to herd cats, Tally tries to keep us on course, Skip does his best, and they all discover what mysteries lies beneath the waves in a tale abroad no one could ever see coming!

Well, maybe you could, if you were, like, a mind wizard or whatever…

So batten down the hatches and remember to keep a firm grip on your valuables in the chop because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, we go up! NOW!

AI: Episode 35 – Mom and Pop, Stop

There’s a certain kind of look that only parents seem to have. The one that says “I’ll always love you more than the stars in the sky”, but at the same time screams, “Holy hell, my biggest regret is that I taught you to swim because I would have tossed you in the river YEARS ago”.

Skip has seen that look A LOT.

And now, thanks to this week’s Adventurific, you get hear this kind of family interactions LIVE (i.e. pre-recorded).

Join us as the Company has to sit through one of THOSE dinners, Jayla and Skip switch dynamics for a hot minute, we dig further into the mystery of Kai Goowin, and Quint rounds out the rest of his crew with someone he should have hired back in Fireshire! Who knew you needed so many people to run a flying warship? So take a pull of the Goowin brew, and be careful on your way out of the window, because on this week’s Adventurific, regret is a strong word, but I should have asked your Dad to wear a condom after number 3!

AI: Episode 34 – Mom and Pop Stop

They say “home is where the heart is”, but what that means in the grand scheme of things is a mystery to most. It could mean that you are never free of where you grew up, and no matter how hard you try, it’ll always be calling you back. Maybe it means that all of the most important decisions usually tend to lay close to home. Or maybe, it’s just some bullshit that losers say when you leave them in the dust…

Whatever it means, you better be ready for a brand new Adventurific! This week, The Company makes it to the wondrous port town of Waterdeep, and they’ve already been called into a meeting with the big dogs over at AI and there’s more at stake than just their livelihoods! Let’s hope it goes well, Skip would hate to move back home…FORESHADOWING! So, put on your good tie and don’t talk with your mouth full because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, it’s all hardcore negotiations and down home comfort!