AI: Episode 31 – Put on Your Boss Pants

Every once in a while, you might be required to put in more effort than you feel is required. I know that sounds insane, but you may be asked to step up, make the big choices, and act like the big person you should be by now in your life.

Welcome to this week’s Adventurific, where responsibility, critical thinking, and tough choices coalesce into a fine paste that I only ask you take ONE bite of. On today’s show, Skip must put on his manager face and hire some new blood at the Chute, Tally has her hands full with a ding dong who can’t take a hint, and Quint does merciless things to our new flying ship. We will probably have to burn it later just to get the stains out…

So shine your shoes and remember to act like you want to be there, because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, why don’t you give me three of your weaknesses and one better not be “I care TOO much”!