AI: Episode 33 – The Maidan Voyage of the Soggy Clam

The fresh salt air melts your cheeks. The roaring waves send your stomach into a tailspin. All of the hell you go through for a hot meal and a place to rest your head, was it worth it? Probably not, considering that a bunch of assholes were just GIVEN a flying warship and are in no position to keep it afloat. Pull up the anchor because it’s time for a new episode of Adventurific! We had the choice to stay on land, but thanks to our thirst for adventure, we are now stuck on this GODFORSAKEN boat with a Captain who has yet to even learn how to fly the boat, a hapless crew of scabs, and a Changling who has cut his arms to ribbons on the harpoons. We are NOT going to survive the trip to Waterdeep. So, hoist the sails and hide the biscuits from that ball-busting Captain because its high seas adventure on this week’s Adventurific and we’re going to need all hands on deck!

AI: Episode 32 – Sorrrrrrbin

Ever feel like getting away? Like far away from all the nonsense that surrounds you, the stresses the cloud your every thought, and potential lawsuits that are just plain frivolous and unnecessary? Yeah, it’s time for a vacation.

Join us this week on Adventurific as the Company prepares for their WELL DESERVED R&R by taking care of some business like hiring some fresh blood to pick up the slack, grabbing some much needed supplies at Pimm’s, and most importantly, throwing down at the Coal Chute’s world famous Fight Night! Yeah, its one of those episodes…

So, grab your teeth from the bucket, and remember to haggle, because on this weeks episode Adventurific, the man, the myth, the legend RETURNS…

AI: Episode 31 – Put on Your Boss Pants

Every once in a while, you might be required to put in more effort than you feel is required. I know that sounds insane, but you may be asked to step up, make the big choices, and act like the big person you should be by now in your life.

Welcome to this week’s Adventurific, where responsibility, critical thinking, and tough choices coalesce into a fine paste that I only ask you take ONE bite of. On today’s show, Skip must put on his manager face and hire some new blood at the Chute, Tally has her hands full with a ding dong who can’t take a hint, and Quint does merciless things to our new flying ship. We will probably have to burn it later just to get the stains out…

So shine your shoes and remember to act like you want to be there, because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, why don’t you give me three of your weaknesses and one better not be “I care TOO much”!

TFTL: Episode 19 – Summer Camp Part II: What Lies Beneath the Lake

Camp can be a tough thing for a child to deal with. It’s a new place, with unfamiliar faces who boss around, making them do nonsense activities all for the amusements of lazy counselors who would MUCH rather be smoking dope and literally doing anything else. Now take that and pile on a mysterious shape at the bottom of the lake, multiplied by the fact it’s in Moody River. Things are about to get REALLY strange on this week’s Adventurific as the Gang from Moody River continues enjoying their summer vacation at Camp WannaMcGuffin, all while attempting to discover whatever secrets the lake holds. However, there’s always more hidden in the shadows and things are about to get truly, truly outrageous for the Gang, let’s just hope they can handle it! So grab your bow and make sure not to play with fire because on this week’s Tales from the Loop finale, you never know what’s out there in the darkness until it gets you first!

TFTL: Episode 18 – Summer Camp

Thank the stars school is FINALLY over and lucky for you, your grades weren’t that bad, so what better reward for your hard work than a trip to the bug infested, ungodly hot and all around uncomfortable great woods of Moody River, Minnesota!

That’s right! We’re diving back into Tales from the Loop! Join us as Teddy and Chester begin their summer vacation at Camp Wannamaguffin, with Kitty and Dwight keeping a close eye on them as official Camp Counselors! However, just like most camps in the 80’s, not everything is as peaceful as it seems and a sinister secret haunts these woods, and there are more things to worry about than just Teddy with a bow and arrow!

So, pack your bag and don’t forget the bug spray because on this week on Adventurific, you’re heading to Summer Camp!