AI: Episode 25 – Lawyer? I Hardly Know Her!

What’s that stupid saying only nerds tell you because they’re weak? “Honesty is the best policy”? No, no, my strange naive friend. Honest is only best when you can’t get the best lawyers corporate money can buy. Isn’t the judicial system fantastic? Join us this week on a brand new episode of Adventurific as a godsend with a briefcase arrives at the bar, and the Company begins building a flawless strategy against the looming case against the Deewee’s, Skip decides to dig himself a little deeper by taking a meeting with the LAST PERSON he should be messing with, and follows that with pulling the rug out from under that only people that can keep him alive! Yeah, he’s not really good at this critical thinking thing… So, have you or someone you know been diagnosed with mesothelioma after listening OTHER D&D podcasts; please call now because you might be entitled to this week’s episode of Advenurific!