AI: Episode 23 – Pazuzu? Pazuzu. Pazuzu!

While you are sitting on a plane heading to Chicago, there’s some time to think about stuff. Not a lot of time, but just enough. Like, when our eclectic bunch of entrepreneurs first got together, there were simple plans of owning a bar, perhaps some petty crime, maybe even a few light scrap ups with some rabblerousers. Nothing too complicated. However, with this brand new episode of Adventurific, things start taking a wild turn for the weird. Join us this week as we attempt to keep Bob out of harms way, learn a new word that carries more weight then any of us have the strength to endure, and Skip puts another coin in the “Stupid Decision” jar that seems to be overflowing as it is! Trust me, this one will TOTALLY work out, though… So, lower that knife and say that name three times because this week, it’s SHOWTIME!

AI: Episode 22 – What We Stab in the Shadows

Sometimes in life you need to make a call on whether or not a grudge is worth keeping, or if you are better off setting your differences aside for the greater good. It’s a tough call, sure, but if you let that hate build up, the resulting release may spell more trouble than it’s worth! You hear that, Nick? You are beneath me. Join us this week on Adventurific as the search for Jayla continues! However, as simple as i was figuring out WHERE she was being held, getting her out in one piece may be a bigger challenge than once thought. Don’t worry, Skip is fully torqued, Tally is as bright as ever, and Quint knows how to get around unnoticed, but this time, he may not be alone in those shadows… So wire up those jaws and start blending your meals because on this week’s HELL-RAISING episode of Adventurific, we are going for that sweet first round TKO!

AI: Episode 21 – IT’S DO-NUT TIME!

So look who came crawling back. It’s not like us to hold a grudge or anything, but we would like to bask in this moral superiority for a bit longer. …

Okay, that’s enough.

Welcome to this week’s episode of Adventurific! After last week’s EXPLOSIVE and SURPRISING revelation from the once thought best friend group of local authorities, it appears that those dang old double-crossers now need the detective skills of our intrepid heroes to track down Jayla after she mysteriously disappeared while on a quest to track down a Dark Wizard with a heart of gold for us. Why do we need one of those? Not important, move on. Can our Company of super sleuths uncover what happened to everyone’s favorite hardass? They might but it’ll take a brief trip to a mystical part of the city few dare to enter, and even less come back from alive! So grab yourself a freshly baked breakfast pastry, and whisper your deepest, darkest secret into your left palm because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, some of us may be willing to pay out the nose to avoid getting our hands dirty!