AI: Episode 15 – Bar Rescued

There’s a buzz in the air. Can you feel it? It’s electricity that one cannot properly describe, but it comes from that excitement of new beginnings and hard work finally paying off. It’s the result of all the blood, sweat, and tears shed over the realization of one singular dream… The Coal Chute is open for business! Yes, that’s right! On this week’s episode of Adventurific, the Company buckles down, cleans up, and finally opens the doors of Fireshear’s hottest new bar! There’s so much at stake! You just know that everyone is going to be at their best if we are going to make this opening night a success, but of course, it wouldn’t be us if there wasn’t a little nudity, a mild amount of drug dealing, and a whole heck of a lot of blood spilled. Hell, if we pull this off, we might finally rise up the social ranks a littl, instead of just being those losers at the edge of town who own that place where all those people died. So loosen up those wallets and remember to double check your wardrobe because on this episode of Adventurific, we are FINALLY open for business!

AI: Episode 14 – Let’s Hang a Chandelier

Listen, we all make mistakes, it’s part of being human. Sometimes it’s as simple as forgetting to do something that you were asked to do. Other times, you make a mistake so serious that it requires a jar that you have to put money in if you accidentally mention it. On this week’s episode of Adventurific, one of our intrepid heroes makes one of those serious mistakes and it sets us all down a course that no matter how much we lie or try to ignore, there is no turning back. Try to play at home to guess who REALLY shits the bed, I bet you won’t be able to figure it out! So grab from the bottom and lift with your legs, on this week’s episode of Adventurific, it’s time to start living with that plausible deniability!

AI: Episode 13 – Italian Yum Yum Disk, THROW!

I want to be PERFECTLY clear about something: We here at Adventurific DO NOT condone the use of drugs or drug-like substances and if you know of people who do, you should report them immediately….

Are the cops gone? Good.

On this week’s intoxicating episode of Adventurific, the Company looks a little deeper into the ill-gotten gains of last week’s pseudo heist, become a little bit stronger using the power of commerce, and once they reach the next level of critical thinking; they are able to bring one of the greatest inventions ever known to man into the fantasy realm of D&D. Will it make sense canonically? Probably not, but that has never stopped us before. So grab that weird looking vase, and only take half of it at first because on this week’s Adventurific, it’s probably best to do that outside. I don’t want that smell in the house.

AI: Episode 12 – Right in the Ol’ Coal Chute

What would you do if, after discovering a citywide conspiracy, you saw a dead man stapled to a sign…and a Halfling’s dick for the first time? Would that be, like, MIND SHATTERINGLY weird? Great, because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, the Company pulls back from the abyss for a brief second to plot out the proper course of action after last week’s surprises! I’m sure with a concussed Changling, a grumpy old sea captain, a slightly naïve farm girl and a not-drunk-buzzed Dragonborn, we will totally figure all this nonsense out. So grab your TI-83 and put on a pot of Goodberry Tea, because on this episode of Adventurific, we are diving into the books and putting a value on all our assets! It’s shockingly low!