AI: Episode 11 – Big Oof

Josh is still in a tryptophan coma, so that means the description is up to me! This week’s episode is a slow, boring affair where absolutely nothing from the previous day comes back to bite our crew in the ass. Nothing. So wipe the gravy off your face, unbutton your pants, and kick back in the recliner because this week, Adventurific takes it easy.

AI: Episode 10 – Disguise and Conquer

Okay, we NOW know that we can run a successful bar without too much trouble and only one of us ended up with a concussion! That’s good to know! However, on this week’s episode of Adventurific, we move past the bottle episodes of previous, get the low down on some questing that needs doing, and go deep undercover to get that sweet corporate dirt! Don’t worry, I’m sure that NOTHING we do while in disguise will EVER effect us or anyone EVER AGAIN, so we are free to do whatever it takes to get the information we need! I promise. Now grab that broom and start sweeping because on this week’s Adventurific, we’re from the North and I’ve got some boys that need the work!

AI: Episode 9 – I Am Jack’s Glass Jaw

Now, I know what you are thinking. “This season doesn’t really have the action and violence of past Adventurific adventures!” Well, dear listener, may I present you with this week’s episode of Adventurific! One so violent, so extreme, and so disgusting bloody that Nick has spent weeks in the editing bay trying to transform this “Adults Only” romp to a more much digestible “Rated M for Mature”! It so intense that our very own Erik asked to dial back the mayhem a wopping 381% or he would notify the police himself! Still interested? Well good because our lawyers say we are only legally allowed to release this type of chaos only ONCE! So close the blinds, take the phone off the hook, and use a VPN to hide your I.P. address because on this week’s episode, we discuss the entrée and have a soft open of the bar…I MEAN DEATH! LOTS OF DEATH!

AI: Episode 8 – Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong

Let me drop a little piece of information on you; killing a ghost is actually super easy. Where the challenge comes in is convincing management that stealing a bunch of priceless artifacts from an elderly shopkeeper won’t harm public perception of the parent company. That’s the tricky part, and on this week’s episode of Adventurific, the Company is going to do their damnedest to come up with a plan that will not only satisfy HR and Public Relations, but also get them a truck load of awesome weapons and armor! Not only that, but the tale of their misdealing may have traveled up the corporate ladder, which surely won’t lead to any impromptu meetings with the heads of the company! Yes! Those guys! Better put on your best tie and keep your eyes on the middle of the forehead because this week’s episode of Adventurific has some wheeling, some dealing, and some low key stealing!

AI: Episode 7 – Stay out of the Basement!

The Season of Frights might be over, but the ghouls and ghosts are still up for a scare or two on this week’s episode of Adventurific! Join us as the Company learns of a local business that is under the control of a mysterious force that lives in the basement, we put on our meanest faces to deal with the demons in our own cellar, and go toe to toe with something that may be totally not of this dimension! Are we ready to deal with a threat of this extreme paranormal level, or will our inexperience in the field of…succeeding lead to our own deadly demise? You’ll just have to turn out the lights and ignore the noises coming from the beneath the floorboards as we prepare for one last apparitional terror on this week’s episode of Adventurific!