AI: Episode 5 – Do You Have Our Rewards Card?

Once again, Josh has failed to fulfill his contractual duty and provide me with a description. I guess it’s up to me. Uh, join us this week as the Company licks their wounds, talks about their future, and looks for the best deals in town! Will anything be accomplished? Probably not, but join us anyway for this nail biting episode of Adventurific!

AI: Episode 4 – Smokin’ and the Bandits

What happens when Josh takes a last minute trip to NYCC? Nick has to write the description! Join us this week as the Company rolls initiative, an impromptu rave breaks out, and absolutely nothing goes wrong! Will our heroes get what they came for, or will they get what they deserve? Take a seat and get comfortable because this week, Adventurific answers your call in the order it was received!