Starfinder: Episode 58 – Long Live the Q.U.E.E.N.

All of the winding roads lead back here, to the place where they cut their teeth, fighting together for the first time, where the spark of a monarchy both began and crumbled, where true evil first came to greet them and showed them how powerful it could be, and if the Squad isn’t careful, this planet will be the last place they ever visit! Join us this week on the Adventurific Radio Hour as the space whale crashes back to the first planet we ever visited, and listen close as we very quickly bring destruction and death to the doorstep of the unlucky inhabitants of this once quiet world! And when the horns of war begin to sound, some friends from the past will be there to offer…something. The entrance is cataclysmic, but the nostalgia is still just as sweet, so grab your life jacket and head for high ground, this week on Adventurific!

Starfinder: Episode 57 – Like Smoke

So I’m going to be straight with you. We here on Adventurific have a bad habit of adding strange and sometimes unnecessary details into the world around us, like the way NPCs react to something our characters may say, how we interpret our DM’s story, or in the most common example, the completely baffling modifications to Nostrovia. On today’s episode that might come back to bite us…and while dealing with the fallout, we head back into a dark and damp place to go toe to toe with an all too familiar foe! Let’s hope the Squad can come up with a plan quick because things are seriously getting heavy! So, listen close and pay attention to all the references because on this week’s Adventurific, its complete chaos in front of and behind the mics!

Starfinder: Episode 56 – Curiosity Killed the Muck

Azden Drixt was born on 54.08-12215 on the once considered planet of Viox-16. He was raised at an early age to be a soldier, a great mind in the ways of science and technology and a natural born leader to the Followers of Her Gilded Light, and Her millions of followers out in the stars! His parents Geo and Annop Drixt will always remember their son the way he would have wanted, not as the traitor on the Earth Day Seven Wars, nor as an accomplice in the Helios-V crime sprees or even as the President of the NBC, but as a man who held great power within his soul, and used it to better all of those he met. His name will be remembered for eternity, but not the one given to him; the one they will always know him as… Goodbye Kenn….wait.

What do you mean he’s not dead yet? Goddammit Tucky.

Join us this week on the Adventurific Radio Hour as Kenntucky attempts to join us back in the land of the living, and the rest of the Squad makes a plan to save the Space Whale from whatever the Red Guy has planned, but they’ll need to move fast because the darkest evil in all the galaxy is knocking on their door right now and he’s not much for waiting! Grab the chain and pour out some Tang, because this week on Adventurific, you’re going to be THE LAST LINE!

Starfinder: Episode 55 – They Call Me Icarus

Fire rains from the sky, blood flows through the streets like an amber rain, the skeletal remains of their homes and businesses crumble around them, and every Absolom Station citizen still alive must be second-guessing their decision to allow a bunch of reality TV stars to take over the largest company on the station and figuratively and literally run it into the ground! Join us this week on the newest episode of the Adventurific Radio Hour as the fight over Absolom continues, with Muck fully in tune with his creation, Duke finding the pocket, and the rest of the squad becoming more efficient with their respective weapons! The tables start turning when the Red Guy ups his game and starts playing some seriously dirty mind games on our hapless anti-heroes, and these tricks are so fiendishly clever, so diabolically devious, that even the strongest of wills can’t help but fall for them… some harder than others! So settle into your cockpit and remember to keep your hands and feet in the car at all times because this week on Adventurific, lemme just whisper in your ear real quick…