Starfinder: Episode 54 – Cease and Die-Sist

The once calm streets fill with the hungry un-dead, the air is thick with the smell of destruction, and the ONLY thing standing between the complete consumption of every living thing in the galaxy is an unlikely squad of morons and the giant mech they barely know how to pilot! Join us this week as the battle of Absolom Station continues, with Muck still deciphering the mysteries of the doctor’s Giant Robot, and everyone else doing their best to take down the unholy corpse of the building they once called home! Can the squad become one fully functioning unit and stop the Red Guy from decimating the entire populous, or are they already on a one way street to the grave?! It’s going to be a thrilling episode, so grab a good friend and may Ibra guide you, because this week on Adventurific, synchronization is go!

Starfinder: Episode 53 – Some Assembly Required

The saying, “teamwork makes the dream work” is usually spoken in more productive environments, one where the concept of working in unison with a teammate towards a common goal is deemed fairly important, it’s rarely considered a life or death situation, but on this week’s Adventurific Radio Hour, we are taking that saying and cranking the stakes all the way up to ELEVEN! Join us this week as the Squad attempt to complete Muck’s and Dr. Achtung’s secret ultimate weapon to defeat the Red Guy, and to do that, they’re going to have to combine all their unique skills and abilities to become the only hope Absolom Station has left! It may sound a bit dramatic, but when you see what the Squad is actually up against, you’ll understand! So, strap into your Pilot’s Chair and ask for personalized A.I. for assistance, because this week on Adventurific, we’re in the Endgame now!

Starfinder: Episode 52 – Handelle

It’s simple. First, you call in every favor you have. Next, you get the biggest guns you can. Then, you swallow that crippling fear that’s growing in your gut. Finally, you put everything you got on the mangled pieces that is your second best engineer. He’s got a giant robot mech after all. Come along this week as the Squad put their insane plan into action and attempt to take back their once great station! Will they survive the armies of the undead waiting for them on the streets and reach Mucktup’s Secret Weapon, or is this the official finale to all things Nostrovia? Put on those seatbelts and ignore all the gore, because this week, Adventurific is literally armed to the teeth!

Starfinder: Episode 51 – Captains and Spaceships

Here’s a fun riddle, what happens when the greatest threat to the galaxy breaks into your home, kills everyone that you care about, and takes everything you built and reduces it to a bloody pulp? Trick Question! If you are the Adventurific Radio Hour, then the only correct answer is to obviously get Kenntucky’s childhood hero to a rinky dink space diner and find a way to mend some fences with his sworn nemesis, then find a way to undo all the damage they’ve caused to the once peaceful Absolom Station; It’s pretty simple when you really think about it! So grab that strange puck in the urinal and order a side of fries, because this week on Adventurific, we are not going to yell, just use the “I feel” statements!