“For Baby Clara…”

To Baby Clara,

These are words from the past, but they may help you in the future, especially as you grow stronger and wiser. They are words from your family, your REAL family, and while they may not seem like much at first they were and, always will be, there for you… Except Mucktup…on account of the pretzel thing.

Please never forget us.


Starfinder: Episode 46 – Knowing Is Half the Bottle

While most of us usually spend our free time relaxing on foreign beaches, starting a family, or rubbing shoulders with Hollywood elites, the brave crew of the Nostrovia has been preparing for the greatest mystery of all…SCIENCE! Join us this week as the mysterious Jumpers attempt to unravel the exceedingly complex life of the sweet baby Clara by tossing the laws of nature and due diligent aside and making Duke the unwilling participant in some mind bending experiments and what they might soon discover about Clara’s lineage may send shock waves throughout the galaxy and set the stage for an adventure no one will soon forget. Also, CLANK, Muck, Slasher and Kenntucky learn a lesson on why not to drink Jim Bean mixed with Dish Soap… didn’t think it really needed to be said but here we are. So, warm up those stethoscopes and don’t stop taking notes because this week, Aventurific is back from Spring Break and we love SCIENCE!