Starfinder: Episode 26 – Listen All Y’all, Its a Sabotage!

We are on the final stretch before Big Mamma’s Big Race day, so what does the Squad spend their precious time doing? Tuning up their machine for maximum performance? Learning the course to get the edge on the competition? DRINKING WATER? Screw all that, this is Adventurific we are talking about here, so of course, there’s an ungodly amount of underhanded backstabbing, treacherous sabotage, and lies upon lies upon lies! Nobody is safe from all this trickery, not even themselves! So, so, so, so listen up, ’cause you can’t say nothin’, you’ll download our show with a push of your button. Oh my god, its a mirage! I’m tellin’ all y’all, it’s The Adventurific Radio Hour…Sorry, I’ll stop now…

Starfinder: Episode 25 – Winners Don’t Do Drugs

After last week’s special D&Diversion, we return to the stars to check in on the galaxy’s greatest group of liars. The Squad had just made the startling realization that the woman responsible for the job that brought them all together, had survived the attack on The Bar and the resulting explosion that destroyed it. I’m sure she will have plenty of answers to all the questions…if these idiots will stop bickering with each other long enough to ask them. It’s a roller-coaster of misinformation and tangents, this week on the Adventurific Radio Hour!

5e: Episode 2 – Bad Wolf

What happens when Josh forgets to give Nick an episode description? Who knows what future punishments are in store! This week we roll initiative, find out how fast a five foot tall, two hundred pound, flobweeb farmer can run, and try to figure out more of the Oracle’s game.  Will the DM shaft our heroes, or will his dice rolls come up short? That’s a 50dkp minus, this week on Adventurific!

5e: Episode 1 – 47 Goats Long

Let’s take a step back to Adventurific’s humble beginnings and celebrate the birth of our magical Dungeon Master Dom with another high flying, gut punching, no holds bared Dungeons and Dragons play-through! Things are a bit different this time, with Dom finally stepping into the role of player and that jerk ass Nick taking over as the ruler of all things game. Will Nick murder us all as some sort of sick revenge fantasy, or will this newest set of heroes go further than any before?! It’s going to be bananas, but not too much monkey business, this week on Adventurific!