TFTL: Episode 6 – Strangers’ Things

It’s Halloween time in Moody River and the Gang is excited to hit the neighborhood trick or treating, hoping to collect those highly coveted king sized candy bars! However, a mysterious new kid and a strange house at the end of the block will lead our group into the most dangerous Halloween party ever, and if things don’t go their way, maybe into Hell itself! This week, Adventurific faces off with Fear!

TFTL: Episode 5 – Be a Sam

It’s been an explosive day in Moody River but after a quick nap and a hearty meal, the Gang is ready to confront the diabolical craftsman behind the mind controlling cylinder that has ensnared all of the adults! Follow us this week as your favorite rambunctious youths frantically work to piece together the clues and save the town from falling into utter chaos. This week, Adventurific faces its fears and stands for what is right!

TFTL: Episode 4 – Take A Nap, You’ll Feel Better

After an “eventful” romp in the woods, the Gang discover a few possible leads in the form of two cables trailing away from the cylinder that has abducted all the adults of Moody River. Will these cables provide the answers into the mysterious cylinder’s origins or at least a way to shut down the infernal machine? No matter what happens, I’m sure it’ll all blow up in their faces. Follow along this week as Adventurific goes through the drawers and makes some shocking discoveries!

TFTL: Episode 3 – Woodlands Wrestling Federation

Only in Moody River can a simple day back to school unfold into a citywide conspiracy involving disappearing adults, mysterious cylinders in the woods, and robotic fisherman hired as security guards. Follow along as the Gang digs deeper into strange happenings plaguing the town, and discover some things they wish they never saw. This week, Adventurific drops elbows and pants all in one glorious episode!

TFTL: Episode 2 – Back 2 School

Ring Ring! The school bell has rung and its time for Adventurific to start its first day with Tales from the Loop! There’s just one problem: All of the faculty at Carl Sagan Middle School seemed to have mysteriously disappeared! As a wave of rambunctious behavior washes throughout the school, a small group of kids must band together to bring order and solve this peculiar predicament. Or they will just use this break of authority to have some good ol’ unsupervised fun? Either way, this week, Adventurific is going to run in the halls and won’t even give a crap!