TFTL: Episode 1 – Welcome to the Loop!

Welcome to the new era of Adventurific…that era being the radical 80’s! Follow us this week as we introduce you to Tales from the Loop and all of the kids that will soon be at the center of some very peculiar mysteries, but hey, that’s just another day in Moody River, MN. This week, Adventurific gets totally tubular!

Episode 31 – C:\EPILOGUE\TOMB2.EXE

The pressure is building and The Tomb of Horrors continues to challenge the Team with some of the worst dangers and traps in the book…and it’s going to take everything the Team has to beat Ace at his own game! So join us as Buckthurn makes a shocking discovery, Pooprat turns up the heat, and Ms. Sunshine bears all. Grab your Power Glove and put up your quarter because this week, Adventurific goes for the High Score!


After saving the universe from total destruction it’s time for a well deserved break, but instead of grubbin’ on some corn dogs and soaking up the sun the Team accept Ace’s challenge to play a brand new virtual reality game! Can the Team overcome the Horrors of this virtual Tomb, or will Ace’s name remain on the top of the leaderboard? This week, Adventurific gets hacked into the mainframe!

Episode 29 – This Is It

It’s all come down to this, The Team has scaled the tower and are about to enter the final battle for the fate of the universe. Can they stop the greatest evil to have ever existed or will everything they’ve ever known fall to the wrath of the Demogorgon? Prepare for some fierce thaumaturgy, intense dimension swapping action, and emotional reunions as our first season of Adventurific draws to it’s explosive conclusion!