Episode 21 – Spanner’s Big Adventure

A great evil from another dimension has taken over the moon and only one man can stop it, but after a unfortunate game of soul-roulette, that man is Spanner Shortshaft. Can Spanner, a vigilante, a dog, and a demi-god stop the wicked diabolist that stands in their way? They just might, but it will take some help in the form of dangerously futile advice from a familiar crew of morons. Like DC vs. Marvel, it’s the Adventurific crossover every Advernturnaut has been waiting for!

Episode 20 – I, Warlock

Coming to you a day late because Nick is shit and forgot to post…

Somewhere, across space and time, a familiar face awakens to find himself and his friends in a not-so familiar place. Stripped of everything they own, it’s going to take a little help from some animal allies to set things straight and return the team to the far away land they call home. This week, Adventurific Spans all the way across the multiverse.

Episode 19 – The Consequences of Rubbing Dick Out in Public

After last week’s sacrificial offing, the crew realizes they may have made a poor judgement call. So, they are righting that wrong and doing everything they can to bring Dick back to the land of the living that includes conversing with the elderly, fighting the elderly, and generally making more poor judgement calls. Also, when one of the players is missing, we call in a special guest to take his place. This week, Adventurific is getting…sued, we are getting so sued.