Episode 18 – Tingle in the Ring-le XVIII

The Crew has discovered a powerful ally that can aid them in their mission to slay the Demogorgon, but it’s not all fun and games. With the Pooprat’s mind in shambles and Norm on the verge of another breakdown, its going to take a few bold ideas (and perhaps some poor ones) to save the day. Listen as things get theological, this week on Adventurific!

Episode 17 – There is no Dick, Only Zuggtmoy

With the mushrooms disposed of, the crew makes their way to the location of the Portland Cowboy aka Dick Tingle. However, finding him leads to a lot more questions than answers. With one crew member hypnotized and another heavily inebriated, things are going to get resistant, this week on Adventurific!

Episode 16 – Mushroom for Improvement

After one hell of a heel turn, the Crew is back in their right minds…well, most of them. Dick’s eclectic tastes and an aversion to fire will make him the next unwilling pawn in the fight to take control of the Underdark. Meanwhile, the crew takes a few moments to clear up the misunderstanding that cost Kennedy his life, and to learn how truly bad at stealth they really are. Things get defiant, this week on Adventurific!

Episode 15 – The Zapruder Recording

The Gamma Crew have successfully wrestled the Professor from the madness that plagued him, but evil that surrounds the Underdark isn’t through yet! It will attempt to claim a few more feeble minds to control and these new puppets are not to be trifled with. Will the crew be able to prevent this psychic onslaught from pulling them apart or will evil finally triumph? No one is safe from the mental torture at the hands of the Demogorgon, this week on Adventurific!

Episode 14 – Draggin’ On

While the hole is less frosty, the under has become much darker. The crew continues to follow the path of strange happenings right into the Underdark and after meeting a peaceful race of Flumpfs, their search for the Demogorgon leads them to a familiar danger that may cost them their sanity. You are in for a bloody good time, this week on Adventurific!